BBC Gives More Than £1 Million a Year to Select Staff for Car Allowances

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By Miles Goslett | 5:17 am, June 15, 2017
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The BBC continues to give more than £1 million of licence fee payers’ money to its senior staff in car allowances each year.

Figures published under Freedom of Information laws confirm that during the financial year 2016/17, 165 BBC employees were given a total of £1,014,572 for the perk on top of their income.

Of these, 151 were senior managers earning a six-figure salary. The remaining 14 are described as “non senior management staff who retained an entitlement to an allowance.”

Although the BBC explained that its total car allowance bill had been reduced by £157,294 compared to the previous financial year, and that fewer staff now have access to this fringe benefit, the average amount spent per head increased.

In 2015/16 the BBC spent £1,171,866 on car allowances – an average of £5,425 for 216 staff.

During the last financial year, the average amount spent for the 165 staff who were entitled to the perk jumped by £723 to £6,148 each.

The £1,014,572 of public money which the BBC spent on car allowances in the year to April would have bought the equivalent of 6,973 TV licence fees costing £145.50 each.

In April, the licence fee increased to £147 per year.