BBC Covers Up James Purnell’s Links To The Labour Party

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By Miles Goslett | 4:59 am, November 8, 2016

To those who are aware of James Purnell, it is well known that he was a Labour Cabinet minister.

To those who aren’t aware of James Purnell (sorry, James, but there are some), they would have little if any idea of this thrusting 46-year-old’s political background.

However, Purnell’s recent elevation to becoming the £295,000 a year BBC Radio chief has undoubtedly raised his profile. Some say he is in line to become the next BBC director-general.

So it is interesting to note that nowhere in the BBC’s official online biography of this Labour man does the word ‘Labour’ appear.

Purnell’s online biography was updated as recently as November 1.

Here’s what it says:


Tony Blair gets a name check, it’s true, but it looks suspiciously like the BBC is scared to mention the dreaded ‘L’ word itself.

Purnell’s new job – which was opposed internally and externally on the grounds that he has no editorial experience and is a Labour supporter – has already created problems for the BBC.

It is impossible to escape the conclusion that it is now subtly trying to cover up his links to Labour to dampen down those voices of opposition. Otherwise, why not just state the fact that he was a Labour councillor in Islington for four years and then a Labour MP for nine years?

Purnell’s friend and BBC colleague Alan Yentob is another who has recently tinkered with his personal history, as this Heat Street article shows.