BBC Bias As America Editor Praises ‘Extraordinary’ Hillary Clinton

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By Miles Goslett | 5:50 am, October 20, 2016

BBC North America editor Jon Sopel could hardly contain himself when giving his summary of last night’s presidential debate.

Sopel’s colleagues have long suspected that he leans to the left.

And on the strength of his performance on the Today programme this morning they’d be forgiven for doing so:

He lavished praise upon Hillary Clinton so enthusiastically that he almost sounded as though he was a paid advocate of the Democratic Party candidate:

“I think that Hillary Clinton was extraordinarily tactically astute in what she was trying to do which was to say ‘I’m appealing to all Americans, I want to end division.’ She spoke favourably about Ronald Reagan at times. You could almost see the conscious appeal that she was trying to make in sometimes unsubtle ways to get that centrist voter.”

Trump, of course, got the thumbs down from Sopel.

BBC bias? You decide.