Artist Laying Eggs Captures France’s National Consciousness

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By Joe Simonson | 4:44 pm, April 20, 2017
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While simpletons in the American media cover France’s upcoming elections, true Francophiles were captivated by national treasure Abraham Poincheval’s latest piece of performance art entitled “Egg.”

Poincheval, a visionary who recently spent a week inside a rock and in 2014 spent two weeks inside a bear sculpture, successfully hatched chicken eggs after sitting on them inside of a glass vivarium in Paris’ Palais de Tokyo contemporary art museum. The French maverick had been incubated for three weeks.

As of Thursday, nine of 10 eggs had hatched, according to a museum spokeswoman. ¬†Poincheval sat on a chair, wrapped in an insulating blanket while his creative posterior warmed the eggs. In what could only be described as a metaphor for capitalism’s inherent tendency to alienate man from his labor, Poincheval could only leave his seat for no more than 30 minutes a day for food.

During his stint inside a massive rock, the artist was “reportedly evasive” when asked how he would use the restroom. The curator of that exhibit described Poincheval’s time entombed as an act of “inner exploration, on modifying the self and of living in other realms beyond our own.”

In previous stunts, Poincheval spent a week on top of a 20 meter poll, traveled a river in a cork bottle, and crossed France in a straight line.

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