App for Snowflake Students Scared to Ask Questions In Lectures

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By Kieran Corcoran | 6:38 am, November 23, 2016

Student snowflakes who are too scared to ask their professors questions using their voice are being given an app to do it instead.

Timid undergraduates are being told to interact with their lecturers by sending them messages on their phones instead.

The process will spare them the potential trauma of raising their hand and speaking in front of their peers.

Messages can be sent anonymously during a lecture, and appear on screens around the lecturer in what its creators call a “non-intimidating learning experience”.

Five British universities have already started using the software, called MeeToo.

According to The Tab, half of the prestigious Russell Group of universities, which include Oxford and Cambridge, also plan on signing up.

It is unclear exactly how much universities spend on MeeToo, which is run by a for-profit software company, but the fee is likely to be thousands of pounds per year.

The introduction of the new technology will further ensconce students in “safe space” culture and reduce the ability of teachers to engage directly with their students, or challenge their points of view.

Heat Street has contacted MeeToo for comment.