Angela Merkel Not Such a Liberal Saviour Any More After Proposing Burqa Ban

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By Heat Street Staff | 8:31 am, December 6, 2016

Angela Merkel has abruptly lost her status as the world’s most progressive leader after Justin Trudeau

Liberal politicos began to abandon the German chancellor en masse after she gave a speech to her party demanding the ban “wherever possible”:

For many the turnaround from safe, cutesy “mutti” (mom) who let a million refugees into Germany to dark, right-wing populist was stark, though the signs had been there for a while.

Tuesday morning reporters were cooing over a video clip which showed Merkel being puzzled by a 360-degree camera recording her speech:

And the previous day she had widely been adopted as the last guardian of the Western moral order (Canada is quite far away) after Barack Obama, the UK’s David Cameron and Italy’s Matteo Renzi were toppled by their electorates in a matter of months.

But hours after the announcement, damning hot takes were being concocted and reporters were rushing to condemn/pick holes in her proposals.

At this rate, soon all liberals will have with which console themselves will be these woke scented candles that smell like Justin Trudeau.