Amber Heard Sued For $10 Million For Failing To Film Sex Scenes

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By Heat Street Staff | 6:43 am, November 24, 2016

Hollywood actress Amber Heard is being sued for $10 million by the producers of the film London Fields after it was claimed she broke an agreement to appear in sex scenes.

In a 24-page complaint filed in Los Angeles superior court, the movie’s producers have accused Heard of an “improper refusal to act in provocative scenes contained in the pre-approved script”.

They also maintain that the 30-year-old, who recently divorced Johnny Depp, conspired with the film’s director to make “unauthorized changes” to some of the screenplay, including scenes containing nudity.

London Fields is an $8 million adaptation of Martin Amis’s 1989 novel of the same name starring Jim Sturgess alongside Heard, who plays the part of Nicola Six.

It has a troubled history having been pulled from the Toronto International Film Festival last year after some its stars boycotted the screening. It has not been formally released despite being completed more than a year ago.

Producers Nicola Six Limited accuse Heard in the lawsuit of a “concerted campaign of disinformation” which has left the film “in limbo”.

Matthew Cullen, the film’s director, previously sued the producers Christopher Hanley and Jordan Gertner for fraud, claiming that they interfered with the final cut of the picture.

The producers responded with a counter-claim that Cullen failed to deliver the film on budget and on time.

The new claim alleges that, as well as refusing to perform sex scenes, Heard failed to carry out her contractual obligation to promote the film and began a “bullying campaign” against the producers.

They say that she read the script, written by Amis and Hanley’s wife Roberta, and “understood the nature of the role and the tenor of the screenplay, which was salacious, provocative, and contained nude scenes”.

Because of her refusal to appear nude, scenes had to be removed or rewritten “even though the producers had spent money on casting and building a set for them”, according to the lawsuit.

It adds that the “unlawful acts of Heard, Cullen, and others” are “perhaps unprecedented” in Hollywood.