Woman, 64, Filmed Having Sex With Dogs in Vile ‘Bestiality Party’ Claims She Didn’t Know it was Illegal

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By Heat Street Staff | 4:57 pm, April 10, 2017

A British retiree who was caught on camera having sex with a St. Bernard named Oscar, a black Labrador and an Alsatian has been spared a prison sentence after claiming she did not realize that bestiality was illegal.

Carol Bowditch, 64, of Lincolnshire in England was exposed in a police investigation of an alleged “bestiality party” in which dog owners watched their dogs have sex with women, before having sex with the women themselves. The investigation, which centered on an Internet forum specializing in bestiality, led the police to Bowditch.

Police who searched her home found computer files filled with vile images of Bowditch engaged in sexual congress with various dogs.

Bowditch and 65 year old Daniel Galloway were charged with various bestiality-related crimes.

Speaking at Lincoln Crown Court, prosecutor Victoria Rose said, according to the Sun:

“When the DVD was analysed it was found to contain extreme images. Those images portrayed persons committing penetrative sexual acts with dogs.

“Also included were images of this defendant herself carrying out sexual activity.

“Included was an eight minute and 59 seconds video of Mrs Bowditch engaging in vaginal and oral sex with a St Bernard dog named Oscar.

“When the defendant was interviewed she admitted she had penetrative sex with dogs.

“She accepted it had taken place over several years. She was unaware it was illegal.

“She identified the dogs. She said she had penetrative vaginal sex once with a Labrador and twice with an Alsatian.

“She recalled she had vaginal and oral sex with a St Bernard.”

Bowditch admitted to one charge of sex with an animal and also admitted to possessing extreme pornographic images. Her attorney argued, however, that she had no prior convictions and had already suffered great public humiliation, having been ostracized by friends and family.

As a result of these mitigating factors, Bowditch was not sentenced to prison. Rather she sentenced to community service with 12 months’ supervision, and a 16-week nighttime curfew.

In sentencing Bowditch, Judge Michael Heath told her: “What you engaged in was first of all unlawful and secondly disgusting.

“I am told that you have received public humiliation as a result of the publicity that this case has attracted. That does not surprise me.”