WATCH: ‘You Voted Trump. You’re Gonna Pay for That Sh*t.’ Trump Supporter Beaten Up, Heckled

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By Emily Zanotti | 2:58 pm, November 10, 2016

A group of teens, claiming to be part of an anti-Donald Trump protest, cornered a man at a Chicago intersection, attacking and berating him on video, and then stealing his cell phone and car.

The video appeared on Twitter late Wednesday night, and had 4,000 re-Tweets before it caught the attention of authorities.

As the two teens attacked the man Wednesday morning, they shouted angrily about Trump’s victory, telling the man that the beatdown was punishment for his support of the Republican nominee and, now, President-elect.

You voted Trump?” his attacker says. “Beat his ass.” A voice from off camera says, “Don’t vote Trump,” “Beat his ass,” and “Steal his stuff.”

After they have the victim on the ground, they appear to drive off in his car, dragging the man for several feet.

It’s not clear how the mob knew that the man was a Trump supporter.

Update: Chicago police now say that the victim, 49 year old David Wilcox, told them that the altercation started after a minor car accident.  He “brushed up” against a vehicle and then exited his car in order to give the other driver his insurance information. That’s when, Wilcox says, the occupants of the other car attacked.

A second video, posted to Twitter affiliate Flipagram, showed the video “remixed” to a song titled, “Fuck Donald Trump,” which protesters chanted as they marched on Trump Tower Wednesday night in Chicago.

Chicago police told Heat Street that they are aware of the video and that they are investigating.