WATCH: Portland Anarchist Gets Knocked Out At Protest By Trump Supporter

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By William Hicks | 7:45 am, May 15, 2017
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Another day, another political brawl caught on camera.

This Saturday in Portland, the anarchist “antifa” group “Oregon Students Empowered” had a rally held a “stand against police targeting” rally in Chapman Square.

The conservative group Patriot Prayer went to the rally to “watch” and engage with the protesters to prevent them from breaking laws and causing violence like they did at the May Day protest. Patriot Prayer organized the “Antifa Watch” with a public Facebook event. 

Eventually after the two sides screamed at each other for a while, things turned violent. A man from Patriot Prayer attempted to walk past an antifa protester in a gray jacket. The antifa guy appeared to push and hit the man, who responded with one punch that knocked the antifa guy to the ground.

After the fight, the situation calmed down, although another antifa member was brandishing a small aluminum bat.