Donald Trump Creates Crisis PR ‘Dream Team’ With Corey Lewandowski, Chris Christie

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By Heat Street Staff | 3:19 pm, May 23, 2017

President Donald Trump has been considering an internal shakeup for some time, with rumors swirling around the West Wing and in the halls of Congress that Trump will return from his first major trip abroad to “clean house.”

Trump is also reportedly in the market for a new set of White House allies—a crisis communications team made up of trusted former campaign workers, whose job it would be to marshal the White House’s message and defend Trump to the media.

But that doesn’t mean he’s bringing on the brightest and best of Washington’s PR scene. It means he’s bringing on some familiar faces that are better known for their loyalty than their crisis communications chops.

Corey Lewandowski will likely be returning—the nearly always angry campaign manager Trump was forced to fire when Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon took over and made the presumptive Republican nominee get serious about his public image.

Apparently unable to find profitable work back in New Hampshire, Lewandowski has been spotted roaming around the West Wing in recent weeks, scoping out office space and doling out advice to the Commander-in-Chief. He’ll reportedly be joined by his deputy campaign manager David Bossie and a couple of his underlings from his days directing Trump on the trail.

Trump is also seeking advice, it seems, from his close campaign confidants —notably, competitor turned sycophant, New Jersey governor Chris Christie.

The man once in charge of getting Trump’s McDonalds orders and check the campaign plane for booby traps before Trump boarded told a room full of reporters Monday that he’s been advising Trump on his social media strategy.

“I’m trying to encourage him not to tweet. I’m not trying to light the fire there,” he said.

Trump is well known to value loyalty over expertise, particularly in his role as head of the Trump corporation. Lewandowski, Christie and Bossie all have a very important thing in common: even after being fired, mistreated and ignored, they were fiercely loyal to Trump. Trump may not feel the same way about his current staff, who have faltered in their advice and their defense of the President.