YouTuber Gazi Kodzo (AKA Black Hitler) Defends Chicago Teen Facebook Torturers

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By William Hicks | 9:38 pm, January 8, 2017
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Semi popular Youtuber Gazi Kodzo has earned considerable notoriety for his controversial ideas (like his argument that interracial sex between a black and white person is rape). His borderline genocidal views on white people have garnered him the nickname “Black Hitler.”

Now, unsurprisingly, he has come out in support of the four black teens who kidnapped and tortured a special needs man in Chicago. The shocking crime, streamed live on Facebook, made national news and resulted in the teens getting charged with committing a hate crime among other charges.

On cue, Kodzo took to Facebook to announce his support for these teenagers and their struggle against their oppressors:

We have been kidnapped and tortured for over 500 years. I support these four African teenagers!

The united states government which was built by kid napping and torture of millions of Africans does not have a moral foot to stand on to judge these four African teenagers!

If the united states was truly against kidnapping and torture they would give reparations to African people! They would release all African prisoners! They would stop poisoning our water supply! They would stop police terror in the black community!

Don’t be ashamed of the act these four Africans committed! UNDERSTAND it! We are tired of being oppressed, terrorized, humiliated and killed! You can only push a people SO FAR! Until African people are free acts like these will continue to happen!

He also came out with a video where he explains his position further, while his strange white toady stands behind him. In it he argues that there is no innocent white person, including the mentally disabled man who was kidnapped and beaten up.

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