YouTube CEO Says That Interrupting Her is a Sexist ‘Microaggression’

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 4:31 am, May 5, 2017

The CEO of tech giant YouTube has said that men who interrupt her and other women are committing sexist “microaggression”.

In an interview with CNN, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has spoken out for diversity in the technology industry and the challenges women face.

“Even in a culture where people are well meaning, there are sometimes microaggressions,” Wojcicki said. “People who will just cut you off. You could be talking and someone will interrupt you. That’s become a big pet peeve of mine.”

“When I see [somebody] interrupting someone else,” the CEO continued, “I’ll be like, ‘wait, she was talking. Don’t interrupt her.’”

Wojcicki also noted that sexism in the majority-male Silicon Valley won’t stop until more women take prominent positions, saying “until those numbers get fixed, it’s going to be a harder place for women to work.”

CNN journalist Poppy Harlow reminded Wojcicki that YouTube’s parent company Google has recently come under scrutiny by the Department of Labor, claiming that the company had a “systemic” problem of gender pay inequality.

“We were really, really surprised by that allegation,” Wojcicki fired back, saying that the company has a very “sophisticated team” that always determines pay based on experience, roles, and location of a job.

“I know internally that if you want to manage pay, we have very sophisticated teams that manage that. Many people who have PhDs who do sophisticated analysis to understand that you’re managing like people with like experience and like roles and that is equal.”