Yahoo Finance Accidentally Tweets Out ‘N*gger Navy’ Instead of ‘Bigger Navy’

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By William Hicks | 10:54 am, January 6, 2017

A truly unfortunate typo from Yahoo Finance has spurred widespread mockery and a trending hashtag.

What they meant to say was, “Trump wants a much bigger navy,” but some fat- fingered social-media manager replaced the “b” in bigger with an “n,” thus unleashing the most foul word in the English language. 

Yahoo quickly removed the Tweet and apologized, but not before black Twitter took the offensive phrasing and ran with it. The hashtag “NiggerNavy” was born to have fun with the idea of a navy of all black people and to rag on Yahoo for their stupid mistake.

Then because everything is terrible, right-winger and InfoWars favorite Mark Dice took the trend as an example of how racist Black Twitter is.

“Black Twitter is filled with the most racist, violent, and hateful people on planet earth,” he said in reference to the Navy hashtag. Jovial ribbing of Yahoo has now entered the culture wars.

Then his followers chimed in, asking: “Could you imagine if white Twitter was using this hashtag?”

This, of course, prompted a response from black Twitter, defending their right to joke about the typo.