Why Reddit’s Front Page Was All Trump Last Night

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By William Hicks | 3:12 pm, October 28, 2016

If you were browsing Reddit’s All section last night, you may have noticed it going completely bananas. Not only were all the posts from Trump’s subreddit the_donald, but they weren’t even top Donald posts and some had no upvotes. 


Conspiracy theories raged on what was the cause. Was it a 400lb 4chan hacker? The KGB? Was it the_donald users themselves who broke Reddit?

Well, turns out it was just a screwup on Reddits part, and as always the admins did a terrible job at explaining the situation and calming everyone down. Not only did they provide their explanation in a tiny subreddit almost no one goes to (~500 subscribers) they allegedly forced the mods of the_donald to take down a stickied post attempting to explain the situation.

In this thread in /r/shittychangelogs, admin rram provided some context to the error.

It was strictly an operational problem. I disabled a database index earlier today. That caused the query to slow down which then timed out and gave us unexpected results

A very unsexy answer to a possibly sexy conspiracy.

But when the mods of the_donald stickied a post explaining possible reasons for the frontpage malfunction concluding internal error the most likely, the post was later removed.

The_donald users speculate the admins made the mods take it down.

“It has been relayed through various channels that the admins are mad at the mods for stickying this,” wrote the OP after his post was removed.

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