These Are the Only Places Shia Labeouf’s Livestream Can Go to Escape 4chan’s Trolling

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By William Hicks | 1:59 pm, March 13, 2017
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Shia Labeouf’s ‘He Will Not Divide’ livestream was shut down last Friday, following 4chan’s glorious capture the flag trolling op.  The online message board utilized flight schedules, ancient astronomy and boots on the ground operations to find the hidden location of the livestream in Greenville, Tennessee.

Greenville was the stream’s third home, after being shut down in both Albaquerque and Queens, following merciless 4chan trolling.  Labeouf intends for the protest stream to be active throughout the duration of Donald Trump’s presidency, so where can it go next to be safe from the evil clutches of 4chan?

Here’s a few ideas, Shia.


The condom section at Walgreens

4channers probably won’t notice the stream as they hurry towards the hand cream section.



Any high school prom around the country will do. 4channers will be too ashamed to show up without a date.


A nightclub with a somewhat discriminatory bouncer

Once the bouncer tells them they can’t wear a fedora or bring in their waifu pillow, Shia’s livestream will be saved!


Spring Break

Or as James Franco would say “Sprannnnngggg BreeeaaaKKKKkkkk.” Everyone knows only cool kids with rich parents get to go cruise down to Florida for a fun, sexy spring break experience. 4channers lack the looks, popularity and access to daddy’s credit card to get there.


Third Base 

The craftiest home for the livestream is one just out of reach for most 4channers.


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