WATCH: YouTuber Simulates Bernie Sanders Presidency in ‘Democracy 3’

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By Kyle Foley | 11:13 am, November 2, 2016

Ever wonder what the United States would look like in a BernieBro Wonderland? Sure, he’s not in the race anymore and he has thrown his support behind Hillary Clinton, but some people just like to dream.

A YouTuber by the name of Slamm decided to simulate a Bernie Sanders presidency in the popular government simulator Democracy 3, and it was quite interesting.

The first thing he does is implement free college, or at least as close to free as he can get, as well as a universal health care system. The game shows the overwhelming support for these plans in the socialist pockets of America, but clearly the capitalists are not woke enough to appreciate it.

In order to pay for the rest of the dreams that make BernieBro Wonderland possible, taxes must be increased. It works, at least temporarily. The problem is, this all quickly leads to a complete economic collapse, one that leaves the entire globe in a financial crisis. Despite all of that, BernieBros came to the polls in full force and reelect their fearless leader.


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