WATCH: YouTuber Who Staged Anti-Trump Video Admits He Faked Black Lives Matter Video, Too

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By Kyle Foley | 4:42 pm, October 21, 2016

“My first question is this, Joey: Do you hate black people?

That’s the opening gambit in a 20-minute grilling of Joey Salads, a popular YouTuber who was outed this week for faking a video that purported to show that black people hate Donald Trump

The interviewer, Ethan Klein from H3H3 productions, presses Salads, who admits to faking not only the one video but others too, all of which are aimed at trying to make blacks look like horrible people.

Joey’s response to Ethan’s initial question: “No,” Joey says, laughing. “What kind of question is that? You think I’m going to say yes if I did hate black people?”

And from another exchange in the video:

Ethan: “How does it make you feel to see all the comments (on the videos) .. some of the most racist, vile shit? That’s the effect that your video is having on the world.”

Joey: “I haven’t looked at my video as having an effect on the world.”

Ethan: “So why do you make them?”

Joey: “It’s kinda like my job. I see them as videos going up and numbers coming in.”

Joey goes on to talk about what he thinks he has done right in executing his “social experiment” videos, for which he has become well known, and where he has erred. The most interesting part of the interview is towards the end, when Ethan asks Joey about the actors in his Trump car video—the video that got him in trouble this week. Joey says he did not pay the actors, and that they knew exactly what they were signing up for (which is probably bullshit).

It’s like Joey went into this interview not planning on whether he should straight up lie and do damage control or tell the truth. What we get is a mixed bag where he clearly lies about past videos he claimed were real but then apologizes for the ones he got caught faking.

Thanks, Joey Salads, for cementing your place as one of the stupidest dangerous people on the Internet. You’re so dumb you don’t even understand how dangerous your videos actually are.

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