‘Watch Dogs 2’ Game Lets You Deface a ‘Trump’ Billboard

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By William Hicks | 12:11 pm, October 26, 2016

Ubisoft’s open world hacker game Watch Dogs 2 will be out in stores mid November and will be loaded with tongue-in-cheek social commentary in the vein of Grand Theft Auto. The first game was droll, dark and self serious to a fault, so hopefully the new edition will lighten up the tone.

There’s absolutely no way to truly satirize 2016 without taking on its central figure, Donald Trump. The game, set in San Fransisco, will include a politician modeled after Trump, Mark Thuss. A local politician, Thruss’ motto is “Let’s make the Bay Area stronger!” an obvious play on “Make America Great Again.”

A mission in the game is to deface one of his billboards with the symbol of your hacking group and plenty of poop emojis.

watch dogs 2 thruss

Watch Dogs 2 will also take digs at Internet villain Martin Shkreli and his sole copy of The Wu Tang Clan’s new album.

The game will include its own Pharma CEO Gene Carcani, who has recently raised the price of a life-saving leukemia drug, while wanting to spend millions on an exclusive copy of a fictional rapper’s new album. A mission lets you trick Carcani into donating $2 million to a leukemia charity in lieu of the album.


And the last on the list of controversial celebrities to take the piss out of is Tom Cruise. One mission lets you break into a fictional version of the Church of Scientology in order to hijack an “auditing” session of a fictional version of Cruise.

Knowing how notoriously litigious the church is, let’s just hope Ubisoft doesn’t get sued.

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