Upside of the Google Ad Boycott: Creepy YouTuber Onision’s Channel Is Dying

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By William Hicks | 3:58 pm, April 19, 2017
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Many popular brands like PepsiCo and Johnson &  Johnson decided to boycott Google’s ads after a string of articles showed the risks of programatic advertising. This means that all your favorite YouTubers are making considerably less money off the shared advertisement revenue from their videos and many are looking for alternative ways to make money or quitting the site all together.

On the bright side, this means the absolute pond scum of YouTube are going broke too.

Namely Onision, who for years has been the worst of the worst the site had to offer, with his constant drama peddling and inappropriate relationships with teenage girls.

In December Heat Street published an exposé on the creepy forum Onision ran where girls as young as twelve would post pictures of themselves in their underwear for his critique. The forum is still up and running but with apparently stricter rules which make it moderately less creepy.

But thanks to the Google ad boycott, Onision and his disgusting channel where he judges whether tweens are fat or not, may finally be dying.

Last month he posted a video in full on rosacea face, where he claimed all three of his channels (about 2 million subscribers each) were dropping significantly in views.

Then on Sunday he released another video claiming YouTube had “fired” him and his ad revenue dropped by 90 percent. He proceeded to beg his followers for donations on Patreon, claiming he was about to lose his house.  Kind of a strange claim considering he had just bought his mom a house the week before. 

Onision even alluded to suicidal thoughts as a way to get more donation money.

Now his Patreon donations are up to $2,600 a month which unfortunately means he will be able to continue making videos. He came out with a new video saying he will not lose his house but still needs even more money to pay for healthcare, transportation and the set where he films his creepy videos.

With his views and revenue down significantly, one can only hope Onision’s blight of a channel will eventually be gone for good. Please Google ad boycott, do something good for once!

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