This Is the Vulgar Rapping Donald Trump Anime We’ve All Been Waiting For

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By William Hicks | 2:44 pm, April 21, 2017

Japan’s infatuation with the Trump family just got even weirder. Last November the world was graced with a Barron Trump manga comic, and now we just got a vulgar, crude, rapping Donald Trump anime.

It’s pretty much as great as it sounds. On the first episode a new student (Trump) enters a classroom and starts rapping while farting on the teacher and peeing on the students.

In the second episode, mini anime Trump shows off his physical prowess, getting nude and putting his butt on a fellow student in the process. Not exactly high brow, but the rapping is not half bad.

I don’t know who made this or why. It just seemed to fall out of the sky, as a gift to the Internet from the gods of Japanese weirdness.

Unfortunately there are only two episodes available on the Internet, but expect more to come. The show’s just starting to  get to the heart of what Trump would be like as an anime Japanese student, a question we’ve all asked, but never had answered ’til now.

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