This Anti-Trump Billboard With an Esoteric ‘Overwatch’ Message Won’t Get Hillary Any Votes

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By William Hicks | 4:18 pm, October 14, 2016

Donald Trump’s campaign is on a downward trajectory, and everyone wants to be the one to slay that dragon.

But as with all things Trump, the Republican candidate’s own words and actions are the only thing that can lead to his undoing, not the attempts of journalists, comedians and money men to bring him down.

The oddest attempt yet comes from a Cards Against Humanity funded-PAC, the Nuisance Committee. They came out with a billboard in Florida that features an esoteric Overwatch reference in an attempt to dissuade gamers to pull the lever for Hillary instead of Trump.

“Donald Trump mains Hanzo and complains about team comp in chat.”

Most people—even most gamers—won’t know what this means. The billboard is trying to say Trump is not a team player. People who always play Hanzo are seen in the Overwatch community as selfish “weeaboos.” As a long range character, Hanzo isn’t gonna help you push the objective in the clutch.

Complaining about “team comp” is when busy bodies deride other players for the characters they choose. Although sometimes it’s necessary when you’re the only tank and nobody’s playing support, goddammit.

But will calling Trump Hanzo affect the vote of a single gamer? Probably not. That doesn’t stop Nuisance Committee from doubling down.

This comes from their website

trump hanzo The most cringe-inducing part comes when the site makes the Hillary sales pitch, as if she’s like the Mercy to resurrect the country.


“Stronger Together” means Hillary’s a team player, like us gamers … fellow kids. Blah.

I never thought the 2016 election would also ruin Overwatch for me as well.

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