Tech Douche William LeGate Picks Fight With 4chan, Humiliated With ‘Enlarged Nipples’

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By William Hicks | 10:52 pm, May 29, 2017
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William LeGate is a rising young star entrepeneur in Silicon Valley. He got a hundred thousand dollars from Trump savant Peter Theil to drop out of college and start a business which he apparently squandered on a failed anti-bullying Instagram clone.

These days LeGate just spams Donald Trump’s Twitter feed with douchey #resistance tweets and liberal talking points. He’s known more for getting up there as the top reply to many of Trump’s tweets, probably by sitting around refreshing Trump’s Twitter page, just for the brief, inconsequential satisfaction of replying first. His Ponder app is now defunct, and it appears LeGate’s main revenue generator is a tacky liberal t-shirt shop, selling clothes that say “Keep Calm and Impeach Trump.”

And this week, LeGate broke one of the internet’s earliest and most basic rule, don’t fuck with 4chan. He wrote some kind of haiku of a tweet saying he owned 4chan. Within a few days, LeGate’s account was hacked —  tweeting out his personal phone number — then completely deleted off the internet.

Before his account deletion there were multiple threads on 4chan’s /pol/ calling for his downfall and accusing him of being a shill for David Brock’s Media Matters, the Democratic opposition research group.

Many in the Trump supporting corner of the internet believed LeGate’s tweeting was too frequent and too highly engaged to be the work of a real person. Conspiracies arose accusing him of using botnets to spread his tweets. Others claimed he was not behind his account at all, but that it was a front for liberal Super PACs.

Today his account was deleted, but not before tweeting out LeGate’s personal number and putting his home address in his bio.

While there is a chance LeGate tweeted this out himself, it is more likely that his account was hacked. Twitter could not confirm or deny a hacking took place, as they do not comment on individual accounts. LeGate’s account was deleted shortly after the tweet.

Even more bizarre was how LeGate was targeted by a string of rumors and photoshop attacks. Like how his nipples were enlarged to three times the size, as a way to mock the 22-year-old techie.

Here’s the average-sized nipple original.

beach days

A post shared by William LeGate (@legate) on

The parody antifa account, @BevHillsAntifa, even claimed LeGate was an antifa member, yelling at a veteran at a Berkeley protest. 

There is no actual evidence the masked man is actually LeGate, but now a bunch of people on the internet think it’s him, so that’s all that matters.

Before his account was nuked, LeGate had bragged about having over 100,000 people on his Twitter block list. There’s nothing more infuriating to trolls than a sanctimonious liberal who blocks people all the time, so it’s not surprising LeGate, ended up on the wrong end of an effective trolling campaign.


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