Taser Considering Making ‘Orwellian’ Autonomous Stun Gun Drone

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By William Hicks | 2:21 pm, October 21, 2016
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Don’t tase me, drone!

Taser, creator of police and military stun guns, met this week with a conference of police chiefs to discuss the viability of mounting tasers on autonomous flying drones, reported the Wall Street Journal. 

The eerie part of the proposal is the autonomous part, implying the drones would not have to be flown by a human at all times and perhaps could go so far as deciding who to tase.

“One can certainly imagine high-risk scenarios such as terrorist barricades where such a capability could allow public safety officers to more rapidly incapacitate a threat and save many lives,” a Taser spokesperson told the Journal.

Apparently the drone taser was inspired by the explosive robot used to kill the Dallas shooter in July.

Taser drones are not an entirely new invention. They were introduced in 2014 by a company as a publicity stunt at South by Southwest.

A spokesperson for the Feral Aviation Administration told the Journal the agency does not specifically prohibit mounting a weapon on a drone.

All existing technology exists to weaponize drones, it’s only a matter of putting two pieces together. Whether the public will be accepting of such Orwellian technology is another story.

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