Someone Bid $15K for an Old Shirt Worn by Internet Legend Christine Weston Chandler

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By William Hicks | 2:36 pm, April 20, 2017
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Christine Weston Chandler is described by some as the most documented person in human history. Multiple forums exist to detail her every move, social media post and humiliating episode. Formerly known as Chris-Chan before transitioning to a woman, this Internet legend has captured the imagination of Internet trolls since 2005.

Chandler has been the victim of merciless and public trolling for years by 4chan and other online message boards. On numerous occasions Internet trolls pretended to be Chandler’s online girlfriend, once blackmailing him into a humiliating sex act.

Chandler is best recognized for her muse and creation, Sonichu, a poorly conceived Sonic/Pikachu hybrid. She makes Sonichu medallions, statues and action figures  and even tried to pitch the character to Sega as a business deal (but still maintain full creative control).

But now Chandler appears to be in financial trouble. She is severely autistic and cannot hold a job, requiring her to work from home. Her father died in 2011 and in 2014 their house burned down. Her mother, Barb, has suffered from multiple bouts of breast cancer.

To pay the bills and keep the heat on in her rural Virginia home, Chandler began selling memorabilia. She began by putting her handmade Sonic “totem” on eBay for a nonnegotiable $1,500. The totem was bought in a matter of days. 

Unfortunately, the seller disputed the charge and got a refund from eBay. Christine had already used the money to pay bills and now her Paypal account is in the red.

Chandler then put her stamp collection on sale for $1,000 (now $500), but there hasn’t been much interest even after Barb made a heartstring-pulling video about their home emergency.

The most successful item so far is Chandler’s iconic red polo shirt. Despite the noticeable wear and tear from years of use, the shirt has already reached $15,000 with 24 hours left to bid!

The bids were likely made by trolls who never intend on paying for the shirt, but there’s an equally likely chance some kind of rich guardian angel could have come to her aid. For there are two factions of Chris-Chan watchers: those who watch Chandler for the lulz, drawing amusement when harm and misfortune befall her, and those who actually sympathize with Chandler’s miserable existence.

Perhaps a white knight is willing to donate 15 grand to save Chandler’s home.

Her Patreon account, an online begging service where artists can get paid monthly by fans to create content, sits at a meager $24 per month with an optimistic goal of $250,000.

Christine is in serious trouble and needs the Internet’s help, but unfortunately she’s always had far more trolls than fans.

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