Shia Labeouf Is in a Cabin in Rural Finland and Still Getting Trolled

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By William Hicks | 6:24 pm, April 12, 2017
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Shia Labeouf has started a new project with his art group, Luke Turner and Nastja Rönkko called #AloneTogether. The three are hidden away in an undisclosed location in the Finnish laplands sitting on a chair in separate cabins. They are connected to the outside world by livestreams pointed at each of their faces.

The streams connect to a museum in Helsinki where people can go and see the stream and talk with the artists inside another cabin set up inside the museum. The artists can only communicate with the museum goers through text. A public stream is set up outside the museum cabin where anyone can read the text of the conversations.

Like Labeouf’s last endeavor #HeWillNotDivideUs, the project has gained a tremendous amount of attention on 4chan and 8chan boards where its members are intent on finding a way to get under Labeouf’s skin. The #HeWillNotDivideUs stream was trolled, undermined and tampered with mercilessly and is no longer active, despite being moved three times, once outside the US.

This new project is already getting softly trolled by Finnish channers and members of Ylilauta, Finland’s 4chan equivalent. The grand prize troll would be to find Labeouf’s secret location in the northern laplands, but a secondary troll is just to go to the museum and mess with him. Labeouf is already showing signs he is fed up with the trolls. He went on long rant today about how people on message boards like 4chan and 8chan can’t get any women and how their sexual frustration leads them to fascist political ideologies. One Finnish guy Periscoped the encounter. 


Apparently Shia’s outburst against 4chan and similar message boards was a direct quote from a series of tweets by a “furry” Twitter account. Some believe this means that Labeouf indeed has Internet access, despite claiming he would not on the #AloneTogether website.


At one point, a young Finn put a Make America Great Again hat on Labeouf’s image, cementing the reality that Shia will be trolled by the rightwing no matter where on Earth he hides.

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