Samsung Tries to Scrub Web of ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Videos Featuring Exploding Note 7 Phones

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By Kyle Foley | 12:43 pm, October 20, 2016

Samsung has always been at the bottom looking up at Apple when it comes to the mobile phone market, so the fact that the Galaxy Note 7 bombed (pun intended) has Samsung working overtime to save themselves from their PR nightmare.

As part of that damage control effort, Samsung is trying to get rid of YouTube videos portraying a hilarious Grand Theft Auto V modification. The modification, or mod for short, features the Galaxy Note 7 as a very dangerous explosive device. Take a look at how it works (it’s simple, but man, is it funny to watch):

Samsung, however, does not find it as funny as the rest of the internet. They have begun filing copyright claims against some of these videos, as The Verge reported. While there are still plenty of videos up, we could start to see things like this,


and this too,

all possibly taken down in an effort to save the Samsung name after the Note 7 blew up in their face.

As of now, Samsung has not gone after the mod itself, but it would not be surprising if they turn their attention to bringing it down as well. All press is definitely not good press, especially when your phones explode.

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