RIP Vine: Annoying Video App Killed By Failing Twitter

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By William Hicks | 1:39 pm, October 27, 2016
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Oh Vine, we hardly knew ye. You entertained millions somehow with your annoying, low quality video content, but alas, the party must come to an end.

Vine’s owner Twitter will be shutting down the video sharing platform in the coming months to the glee of many.

In a Medium post, Vine explained it will be discontinuing its mobile app, but still storing all its awful videos on the website.

Vine’s implosion is just one of many signs Twitter is completely failing. The once acclaimed tech company also announced today it will lay off about 9 percent of its employees.

But the real question is what will happen to all the “Vine Stars” who have accumulated millions of followers by being unfunny for six seconds at a time. Where will they go? How will they get their “random” humor to the masses? Can they possibly entertain longer than six seconds?

Top vine stars like Lele Pons and King Bach have yet to make a public comment on their bad career choices.

Until they do, let’s look back at some of the truly horrible, yet hugely popular, content to come out of this reprehensible app.

Vine cannot end soon enough.

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