Reddit’s Socialism Community Cracks Down on Ableist Language Like ‘Moron’ and ‘Idiot’

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By William Hicks | 2:38 pm, December 13, 2016
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Like in real socialist authoritarian states, you have to carefully watch what you say in Reddit’s socialism community — or risk banishment or worse.

The group has strict speech codes for its roughly 75,000 members. Along with the banning of “ice pick” jokes (the instrument used to kill Leon Trotsky), the sub is cracking down on ableist language, or words that could possibly offend disabled people in any way.

The list of ableist terms is massive and many are used casually in everyday speech. One of the group’s moderators /u/Handsomejack94 has taken it upon himself to be the Stalin of anti-ableism.

HandsomeJack94 spends much of the day chiding users for their “casual ableism.” Like when one user called writer Frances Fukuyama a moron, the mod came in to “correct the record” and made him change it to clown. Then he deleted all the comments of other users complaining about how he was abusing his mod powers.

The mod also saved the day when another used the ableist slur, “id*ots” (censored to protect the sensibilities of poor Heat Street readers). Handsomejack94 made the user delete the comment and got that “Sanders Socialist” to GTFO out of the purist /r/socialism.

The phrase “crippling the economy” is also a huge no-no for the group and probably the word dumbass.

Any turn of the century word that at one point might have been used to describe disabled people is banned from the sub when used in any context.

This hugbox of bad ideas is putting its users through hell with its speech policing, as it’s near impossible to say anything these days without being “casually ableist.”

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