Popular YouTuber Caught Staging ‘Social Experiment’ About Black People and Trump

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By Kyle Foley | 1:30 pm, October 19, 2016
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One man’s race-baiting YouTube empire may be about to come tumbling down after he was caught faking one of his “social experiment” videos.

In the video, the creator, who goes by the name Joey Salads, attempts to portray black people as horrible anti-Trump thugs. He begins the video with the thesis that black people do not support Trump or his supporters. He parks a car sitting in the middle of what he says is a black neighborhood and he leaves Trump stickers, signs, and a “Make America Great Again” hat in and on the vehicle. He appears to walk away from the scene, telling viewers he wants to see if anything happens to the car.

The words “15 minutes later” then flash across the screen and suddenly the car is being trashed (or “DESTROYED,” as Joey says in the title of the video). He ends the video claiming he now has proof that black people are destructive and hostile. The video was picked up by a number of larger sites, including the Daily Mail.

Joey also asked his viewers to contribute their opinions to what he appears to have uncovered in his video,  and they did.

racist-comment-1 racist-comment-2 racist-comment-3

The problem? Joey seems to have staged the video. The YouTube channel H3H3Productions, well known for their videos reacting to other people’s videos, has blasted Joey’s production:

In the H3H3 video, they show a clip apparently filmed from someone nearby when Joey was shooting his video in which the “thugs” are standing behind the camera as Joey was recording his intro.

People are now bombarding Joey’s video on YouTube and Reddit, with comments berating him for lying and staging his video in order to wrongly portray black people.

salad-reply-1 salad-reply-2 salad-reply-3

Joey has amassed over 1 million followers thanks in part to his many “social experiment” videos. Did he fake any of his other videos too?


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