Pokemon Forum Moderator Won’t Let Users Discuss Genders of New Pokemons

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By William Hicks | 5:56 pm, October 18, 2016

The new Pokemon for the upcoming Sun and Moon games have leaked online, and Pokemon fans are eager to discuss them.

At the popular “Bulbagarden” Pokemon forum you can speculate about these new Pokes all you want—their names, their element type, their evolutions, just for the love of god not their gender.  That is strictly against the rules because it is “inflammatory and discriminatory,” according to the forum’s moderator.


As Sun and Moon’s release is quickly approaching and the number of new Pokémon reveals grows, we know excitement is at an all time high and naturally every piece of news is going to come with hundreds of differing opinions attached. While everyone is entitled to hold their opinions, we would like to make it clear that the following discussion topics will be treated as Flaming/Baiting due to them being both inflammatory and discriminatory:

  • Making assumptions about a character or Pokémon’s gender based on its appearance (e.g. “Popplio ‘changed genders’ upon evolution” or “That character can’t be male because of their hair/makeup!”)
  • Reinforcing gender stereotypes (e.g. gendered interests, preferences, colors, behaviors, etc)
  • Discriminating against Pokémon or characters because of their perceived gender (e.g. “I’m sick of Ash catching ‘girly’ Pokémon”)

Bulbagarden seeks to provide a welcome environment for everyone, including those who are LGBTQ+. We believe that even if they aren’t human characters, applying gender stereotypes to Pokémon or any characters can be offensive and harmful to both women and men, cis and transgender people, and people who do not fall under any specific gender category.

It’s amazing the moderator Belle would let Pokemon be discussed at all on her forum considering the series only has TWO GENDERS.

FYI, here’s the leaked image of the new Sun and Moon Pokemon, but I swear if I catch you talking about their genders, I’ll come to your house and tell your mom you’re a transphobe.


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