‘Pizzagate’ Conspiracy Theorists Accuse Reddit CEO Steve Huffman of Cannibalism

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By William Hicks | 5:04 am, November 26, 2016
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Despite the media’s desperate attempt to bring down Pizzagate with “facts” and “real news,” the growing movement refuses to be silenced.

The bizarre conspiracy theory —  which alleges there is a global child sex ring, catering to high level Democrats, that’s based at a Washington D.C. pizzeria  — was recently booted off Reddit. 

This has caused much tension between Reddit CEO Steve Huffman and Pizzagaters, leading to Huffman freaking out and editing user comments on the site which were targeting him. 

Now Pizzagate is striking back. The exile community on Voat.co compiled a bunch of absurd circumstantial evidence which alleges that not only is Huffman a “cuck” but also a cannibal! The post later became the top post on /r/the_donald, Trump’s number one subreddit, making the conspiracy theory go viral.


Here’s the “proof.”

  • Huffman (Reddit user name “spez”) was the moderator of the subreddit /r/cannibal.
  • He removed himself as moderator after the allegations came to light and the sub was set to private.
  • Huffman once joked in a Reddit AMA, “No skeletons in my closet, but a few in the fridge.”
  • There was a post on the sub with the title  “The night I learned the truth and consumed human flesh. With BBQ sauce, of course.” It was a picture of spez and his friends. And where was he going to eat? One Lounge in WASHINGTON DC!!! which is also coincidentally located in DuPont Circle, a point on the Masonic/Satanic pentagram which runs through the city.


Hmmm… compelling and chilling.

I’d also like to add that Steve Huffman has never publicly denounced cannibalism.

These allegations show there is no limit to Pizzagate’s scope. Not even the highest level politicians and business leaders are safe from these sleuths. What’s next — will the Dalai Lama be exposed as a necrophiliac? Will the pope get busted trafficking in illegal tiger pelts? And will Pizzagate prove once and for all that Taylor Swift is a Neo Nazi sleeper agent?

One can only dream.