Palmer Luckey Returns to Normalcy (and Cosplaying in Japan) After Media Smear

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By William Hicks | 3:49 pm, May 5, 2017

Oculus founder Palmer Luckey had a rough year. The media crucified him for pro-Trump ties, a major company successfully sued him, and he left Facebook— and the VR technology he fathered into the world.

But at least in appearance, Luckey seems to be bouncing back. He started posting on social media again in late April and on Friday, he was spotted at an anime convention in Japan, cosplaying with his girlfriend Nikki Moxxi as Quiet from MGSV.

Both Luckey and Moxxi were driven off social media after Daily Beast article uncovered the fact that Luckey donated to a pro-Trump non-profit. Although the group only funded one anti-Hillary billboard, many media outlets and public figures claimed Luckey was bankrolling the pro-Trump “meme machine.” Prolific tech blogger Anil Dash even claimed Luckey was “explicitly funding white supremacy.” 

Gizmodo published a story attacking Moxxi for being a Gamergater, despite her having nothing to do with the controversy.

A great timeline of how the media narrative about the controversy devolved into “fake news” was written up last week by Blake Harris at Upload VR. 

In the months following the scandal, Gizmodo continued to publish articles attempting to find Luckey, who had withdrawn from the public eye, and even asked readers to submit information of his whereabouts. 

But it seems like the dust has finally settled. Luckey apparently has paid enough for his egregious crimes of supporting the winning presidential candidate with his money. He’s back out in public and dressed as a scantily clad video-game character.

Luckey still has a net worth of about $700 million, so it actually doesn’t matter all that much the media hates him. He’ll do just fine, but with a likely chip on his shoulder.

And these pictures are so fucking funny.