As Revenge for Killing Pepe, 4chan Is Trying to Radicalize Creator’s Other Cartoon Characters

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By William Hicks | 3:46 pm, May 10, 2017

Before Pepe the Frog was a political lightning rod and favorite of alt right 4chan/pol/ members, he was a peaceful character in the comics series Boy’s Club. Its creator Matt Furie tried multiple times to reclaim Pepe’s image after the frog was tainted with white supremacist conotations, but eventually gave up and “killed off” Pepe in the comics stip. 

This severely pissed off members of 4chan’s /pol/ board. Not so much that they lost Pepe (he is still alive to them) but that the media got to smugly write a series of “Pepe is dead” articles. And by the same media figures who cowered in fear of trolls with Pepe avatars harassing them during the election.

It now appears 4channers have devised a method to get back at Furie for killing the cartoon frog. Some on the message board have begun making racist memes with the other three characters from Boy’s Club.


While Pepe is already compromised, Landwolf, Brett and Andy still have a ways to go before they’re thought of synonymously with the neo-reactionary movement.

They started with the blue one, Brett the bear, who 4channers started calling Blepe. Standard pepe memes were easily converted to Blepe ones with the additions of ears and blue skin.


But Blepe was met with heavy meme resistance from Pepe die hards.



/Pol/ seem much more enthusiastic about Landwolf the chain smoking wolfman. He is already being referred to as Heinrich Landwolf and drawn in Nazi uniforms.



Andy the dog has gotten significantly less attention, but a few 4channers are already referring to him as “Alt Right Andy.”



It won’t be long until the entire cast of Boy’s Club are turned into corrupted memes of hate. Your move Matt Furie.

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