Of Course There Are Nazi Furries—And They Love Trump!

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By William Hicks | 5:17 pm, August 8, 2016
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It becomes inevitable, after a certain point, that a subculture will fracture. Especially at a time where an election becomes so polarizing that neighbors won’t talk to neighbors, families split apart, and Chelsea won’t text Ivanka.

Take the furries for example — an old and proud subculture of people who dress up in anthropomorphic animal costumes and have sex with each other in said costumes. They are seeing the rise of a far right-wing nationalist faction. The “alt furries,” like the alt right, flirt with Nazi ideology, subscribe to a new anti-globalist brand of conservatism, and they absolutely love Donald Trump.

While they are few in number, this subculture of a subculture spits in the face of everything for which furries traditionally stand. While furries usually promote free-love and acceptance, alt furries look at homosexuality and other nontraditional sexual or gender identities (including furries) as “degeneracy.”

It’s clear that the alt furry culture is partially tongue-in-cheek. At the same time, it’s also clearly an expression of serious racist, bigoted beliefs — filtered through a bizarre mix of meme culture, dark humor, and alarming anthropomorphism.

I spoke with a prominent member of the alt furry movement via Twitter DM, known as @TheQuQu. He explained the contradiction between the libertine lifestyle of a furry and the reactionary tendencies of the alt right.

Homosexuality is typically associated with the [furry] lifestyle, and it is a sin for a reason: it does not contribute to a healthy society, and erodes the traditional family. However, there is something to be said for containment. There have always been people throughout history that, due to various mental or physical problems are unable to carry out their duty of founding the next generation and raising them in a healthy family household. Having degenerates like me contained to a community that keeps such things within it has its benefits.

Coupled with the alt furries comes the idea of “furry supremacy.” It acts as a way to mock other social justice causes by asserting their nontraditional lifestyle is superior to all others. For instance, in response to the trending hashtag, #GiveElsaAGirlfriend, they responded with #GiveElsaAFurfriend.

“Naturally, promotion of OUR degenerate lifestyle is more important than YOURS, and if your disgusting advocacy for the corruption of our youth is okay, then anything goes,” TheQuQu said.


The Nazi iconography of the alt furries has long been a part of the furry subculture, as far back as 2005.

The now defunct Nazi Furs live journal claims to eschew racism, anti-semitism or nazi ideology. “We are simply a group of furries who enjoy either learning the history of World War Two or have a fetish pertaining to Nazis and Nazi uniforms, or both,” read the about page.

While they claim to not be racist, a furry artist, Jim Groat, claims to have been called a “jew boy” by a Nazi fur at Anthrocon 2007.

If you need a further dive into the mind of a Nazi fur, the video below shows one who dared to walk around in public without his animal mask.

The alt furry movement finds like-minded allies within the alt Bronies, adult male fans of the TV series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic who subscribe to the same neo-reactionary politics.

The alt furry movement is truly one of the most bizarre, dark corners of the Twitterverse.

For more insight into the alt furry movement, the truly brave might consider checking out The Furred Reich by Len Gilbert, the tale of a young German soldier who gets lost in a magic land of anthropomorphic animals and, uh, has sex with them.

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