No One Wants to Buy Twitter Because of All the Trolls Who Use It

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By William Hicks | 2:46 pm, October 19, 2016

Twitter is often (rightfully) described a “honeypot for assholes.” The inherent nature of the of the social network allows anyone to yell at anyone, often leading to a mob mentality perfectly suited to our modern outrage culture.

And what a surprise that this chaotic cesspool of trollishness is having a hard time getting bought out by larger companies. Bloomberg reported Disney decided against making a bid partly out of worry Twitter would sully their image. The CEO of Salesforce also expressed concerns of Twitter’s trolls and decide not to buy.

Twitter is in crisis as it fails to find ways to monetize and grow its user base, and its “Trust and Safety Council” is as ineffectual as it is politically biased. Twitter’s banning of users and censoring of specific tweets rarely has any form of consistency or logic and is often directed at conservatives or those on the political fringe.

The company is quick to come to the aid of harassed celebrities but rarely effectively intervenes when the little people get targeted.

Journalists love Twitter as a way to share their stories and get story ideas, and yet partly due to the rise of the alt-right, journalist are threatened with increasing frequency. Just the other day Politico reporter Hadas Gold got a direct message of an image with a bullet in her head next to a Jewish star.

If Twitter is to be saved it certainly needs new management. The reign of CEO Jack Dorsey has delivered no meaningful features to address the site’s systemic problems. A large tech giant like Google would be a perfect parent to push Twitter to innovate its way out of its crisis. Too bad no one wants to be the owner of an unwieldy user base of racists and serial harassers.

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