‘No Man’s Sky’ Subreddit Was Nuked for Being a ‘Hate Filled Wastehole’

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By William Hicks | 12:32 pm, October 5, 2016

The drama surrounding No Man’s Sky has always been more entertaining than the game itself (a borderline walking simulator with bonus rock-shooting features).

And the drama keg has yet to be drained almost two months since launch. The largest No Man’s Sky subreddit was completely nuked (shut down for further use) by the top mod, who was upset the sub had turned into a “hate filled wastehole of no actual discussion.”

Now You’re Here from R0ugeW0lf

The hype leading up to the launch of No Man’s Sky was filled with empty promises by the game’s creator, Sean Murray, and gamers were understandably pissed when the final product failed to live up to expectations. This turned the subreddit /r/NoMansSkytheGame into a bastion of contempt for the game, with small pockets of actual game discussion and appreciation.

The head mod, r0ugew0lf, acted alone, against the wishes of the rest of the mod team. He even went on another subreddit, seeking advice on the best way to properly nuke a sub. 

Redditors were outraged there was no longer a large community to vent frustrations about the No Man’s Sky, and eventually the admins had to step in to reopen the sub.

Currently, admin sporkicide rules the sub by fiat until a new mod team is assembled. They claim they will remove all comments criticizing the old mods. This seems to be an empty promise as the top post right now is essentially accusing the old mods of working for the “frauds at Hello Games.”

Despite the minor hiccup, it doesn’t seem like the sub is going to change. It will continue its ratio of 25 percent game discussion, 50 percent complaining, 25 percent salacious attacks on Sean Murray and Hello games.

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