#Meltgate: What’s the Deal With the Melting PS4 Pro Rumor?

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By William Hicks | 4:24 pm, November 14, 2016
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The launch of the new PS4 Pro has been beset with problems. Most notably that the console is having connection issues with 4k TVs (ironically, the only reason to buy a PS4 pro in the first place).

But one critical failure of the pro remains up for debate.

An owner of the console posted an image on Twitter claiming his PS4 Pro had melted after a relatively short time playing.

These images spread around Twitter, partly by schadenfreude-filled Xbox fanboys eager to rip on Sony’s new console upgrade. The melting phenomenon was also discussed on various gaming forums.

Many are calling the picture a hoax, and claiming the guy who took them actually melted the PS4 himself. The console has upgraded heat efficiency and is only supposed to reach about 95F on a heavy load.

enMTW is now trying to persuade the skeptics that he did not just hold up a lighter to his PS4 Pro and completely ruin his $400 purchase for the illustrious internet fame of 38 retweets.

“This was my second day of having the system,” he told Heat Street. “I had used it a bit the prior day to download my saves, install [The Last of Us] and little else. I was playing the [Final Fantasy] Judgement Disc when I heard unusual fan noise, which I promptly ignored. A little bit later I smelled plastic. That is when I noticed the system was, for lack of a better word, melting. The areas I photographed were hot, the bottom of the system in the deformed area was wet/soft, etc.”

He also provide Heat Street with a few more photos for context.

ps4 pro melted ps4 pro melted ps4 pro melted ps4 pro melted ps4 pro melted

enMTW said he will contact his retailer for a refund, and if that fails he will contact Sony.

Unfortunately the resident Heat Street forensic pyrologist is out today, so we can’t make a final judgement call on the nature of the burns. Lacking substantive evidence, this internet mystery will have to remain unsolved.

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