It’s 2016: Why Aren’t There Any Transgender Robots in ‘Titanfall 2’?

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By William Hicks | 3:48 pm, November 4, 2016

We at Heat Street Gaming are all about inclusivity in video games, especially when it comes to robots. That’s why we were severely disappointed playing the new gross violent robot game called Titanfall 2. 

While the toxic masculinity and violence (which will certainly have real-life consequences) are enough to start a petition to get the developers vasectomized, the game was also mindbogglingly transphobic.

Just look at the robots (titans) the game expects the (probably white) male fanboys to drool over. Notice anything?


This robot has no way of expressing the hundreds of gender identities I learned about on Tumblr. This robot (I think) is a disgusting man, and that changes not once in the 7-hour single-player campaign. Even the multi-player has plenty of customization – but NOT ONE that let you play as a non-binary/non-gender conforming robot.

And look at the robots’ “protocols.”

Protocol 1: Link to Pilot
Protocol 2: Uphold the Mission
Protocol 3: Protect the Pilot

Where is the protocol that allows the robot to find its true gender?

As much as I am disappointed by EA for this appalling oversight, I’m more disappointed by the video game journalists who remain silent on this matter.

Polygon, Kotaku, Waypoint, and even Feminist Frequency apparently lack the bravery to stand up to a corporate giant like EA and say “Die, cis scum!” to their corporate executives.

Well, at least Heat Street Gaming has the courage.

Die cis scum, EA.

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