Hillary Clinton’s Wikipedia Page Hacked with Lewd Images of a Woman’s Bottom

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By William Hicks | 2:37 pm, October 13, 2016
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Arwf. I knew the 2016 election was headed toward the gutter, but this is… unfortunate. Hillary Clinton’s Wikipedia page was hacked  this afternoon and peppered with lewd photos of a bent over naked woman.Hillary Wikipedia page Article

The hacker also put in an equally offensive, slur-filled message forecasting nuclear war, calling Bill Clinton a rapist, and urging people to vote Trump.

Hillary Clinton this Novmeber means proving how much of a spineless, boring cuck you are. Nuclear war will be inevitable, as will be Bill Clinton raping more women and children. Save the America you know and love by voting Donald Trump. Also girls send ass pics to @Meepysheepy.

This message has been brought to you by Meepsheep and the Gay Nigger Association of America. Thank you for your time.

The group mentioned in the message, the Gay N****r Association of America (GNAA), has been responsible for trolling, data breaches, and email dumps going back a decade. The GNAA in the past has trolled CNN and Obama’s campaign website, along with releasing a massive dump of email addresses hacked from AT&T in 2010.

The GNAA’s former president weev, who was arrested after the AT&T hacks, confirms the GNAA were indeed responsible for the hack.

Based on what weev says, the handle mentioned in the Wikipedia message @Meepysheepy probably meant to say @Meepsheepy, who appears to be gloating about the hack on Twitter.


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