He Said He’d Quit, but Creepy YouTuber Onision Resumes Making Creepy Videos

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By William Hicks | 4:48 pm, December 23, 2016
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One of the creepiest guys on YouTube has changed his mind and will continue making videos where he critiques the bodies of girls as young as 13 who post on his forum.

Onision originally vowed to stop making these videos following a Heat Street story that delved into his online following and business. But apparently, he just can’t help himself.

In the new video titled “Body Image & Low Self Esteem” he continues his modus operandi of telling young girls whether or not they are fat or attractive. One girl he describes as “hella fat” while another he calls “well endowed.”

He begins the video by providing “evidence” that he is not attracted to children by Googling “child’s body” and then calling the children “extremely unattractive.”

His body-image videos often get as many 300,000 views, and he makes a living from the advertising that accompanies the popular videos.

In a previous video, Onision attempted to defend his behavior by claiming he requests that “people” not just girls post pictures of themselves on their forum for his critique.

But in one of his video’s from December 13, “Ugly Female Bodies vs Ideal Bodies,” a guy posted a picture of himself in Onision’s forum, which is where Onision chooses images to feature in his YouTube videos.

“Here’s some dude’s body,” Onision said. “He has a nice body, I just don’t know what to say about it because I’m not into guys bodies.”

The same cannot be said for teenage girls.

Read the full story on Onision’s creepy forums here. 

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