Gizmodo Invents Term ‘Manthreading’ to Shame Fragile Male Elites With Lots to Say

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By William Hicks | 11:18 am, December 13, 2016
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A Gizmodo writer is creating a furor online after she attempted to shame defenseless male elites whose only crime is having too much love to give on Twitter. 

What used to be known as “tweet storming” —or the act of annoyingly tweeting out a long thread of needlessly complex ideas and clogging up others’ timelines — has now been gendered to shame the male sex.

Nasty woman Alana Hope Levinson coined the term “manthreading,” calling out tweet stormers, whom she asserts are “mostly men.”

“There is this thing that people (mostly men) love to do on Twitter, something other than harass women and send DMs of their half chubs,” she writes. “It’s called threading, and it’s one of the many things ruining my Twitter experience.”

The article was written in response to beltway consultant and futurist Eric Garland’s six pages of tweets he made just to enlighten the rest of Twitter on game theory or something. Levinson called it “‘intellectual’ dribblings from men who love Explaining Things To Me (essentially a subtype of Online Mansplaining). These are people who want their ideas to take up the absolute most space possible. Like Manspreading, but of digital space.”

In the article she also draws her scorn on poor venture capitalist Marc Andreessen, who hangs out with billionaires but isn’t one himself. Levinson thinks being a man and having five, 14+ tweet threads on stagnation theory is unnecessary and should be relegated to blogs no one goes to. Sexism, much?

She also calls out fragile male Talking Points Memo editor Josh Marshall, who’s spirited manthread on using Kermit the frog to fight Nazi Pepes could have swung the election if people just took him more seriously.

As an identifying cis male, I find this kind of talk HIGHLY offensive. While I have trouble stringing together 100 let alone 140 characters on social media, I do know some men with lots to say and give to the Twitter public. And why did tweet storming have to be gendered at all? Just like many women take up extra room on the subway, many women fill up others timelines with strung together nonsense.

#NotAllMen are manthreaders, but all men have something to say. Stop trying to CENSOR us Gizmodo!

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