French Government May Punish Games It Deems Sexist

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By William Hicks | 3:41 pm, June 2, 2016

The French government is considering a possible plan to label video games that it deems to be sexist, and that classification would impact who could play and advertise the games.

The label, which translates as “discrimination” in English, would automatically give a game an 18+ age rating and prevent companies from advertising the game on primetime television, according to the proposal.

The government sees it as a way to distinguish games that have a positive representation of women from those that don’t— and games given the feminist stamp of approval would receive financial aid from the government.

This proposal would be an amendment to a previously passed legislation that officially recognized e-sports and established net neutrality. The amendment is still in its early stages and has not been drafted for a vote by France’s National Assembly.

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The push to police women’s representation in gaming is led by France’s Socialist Secretary of State of Digital Affairs, Axelle Lemaire. Unsurprisingly her inspiration for this nannying comes from Anita Sarkeesian, the American feminist critic whose YouTube series assails video games for sexist elements.

Lemaire previously tried and failed to take tax breaks away from game developers making games deemed “degrading” to women.

Why a bunch of French bureaucrats should be in charge of regulating the intricacies of sexism, like distinguishing sex positivity from sexual objectification, has yet to be answered.


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