Fisher-Price Bullied Into Changing ‘Stay at Home’ Mom Toy

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By William Hicks | 5:01 pm, October 20, 2016

A Baltimore mom was severely triggered in a Toys “R” Us of all places by a toy that seeks to represent suburban housewives.

The Fisher-Price’s Little People toy showed a “mom” toy with an SUV saying “time for yoga and smoothie.” The audio chip on the figurine also said, “More like dirty diapers and screaming babies.”

Outraged, Gina Zuk Gerber went to the only place that would care if a dumb toy was offensive, Facebook of course.

Today when shopping for toys for Anna I was disgusted to see the “girl” versions of Little People. The only ones with all girl figures were all smothered in pink and purple, they worked in interesting places like the “home”, and they all lacked the multiple educational elements the “boys” toys had.

The post, which didn’t even receive that many likes (less than my cat on a good day), somehow got Fisher-Price quaking in their boots enough to announce they’ll change the product.

“As a result of Ms. Gina Gerber’s advocacy, we are planning to make a running change to both the package and audio chip,” they told ABC News. 

Despite Gerber’s claims in her post that only the boys had a variety of professions, it turns out the Little People collection does include female firefighters, dentists, and mailwomen.

But now it will no longer include smoothie drinking yoga moms — and that’s progress.

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