Even Ellen Pao Thinks Reddit CEO Steve Huffman Should Be Fired

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By William Hicks | 12:42 pm, December 1, 2016
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Yesterday, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman took to his site to apologize for secretly editing users’ comments and announce new changes meant to reign in the Donald Trump subreddit. 

While Huffman faced plenty of burns in the comment section below, none was as hot as the one from former Reddit CEO Ellen Pao.

A Redditor asked Huffman how he compared to Pao, who despite suffering abuse during her tenure “never stooped so low” as to edit user comments. He responded with what could be construed as a sexist dig at Pao’s engineering skills.

“Ellen wasn’t the first Reddit engineer, so she probably lacked the expertise to do it, and even if she did, she was smart enough to not,” Huffman wrote. 

Pao showed up in the thread to return the dig. “Yeah, there’s no comparison,” she wrote. “I would have immediately fired anyone who did that.”

Redditors responded by recommending U.S.-based burn centers to Huffman so he could seek treatment for the monumental torching. Huffman tried to back track, attempting to clarify his statement. “Ellen wasn’t an engineer, so she probably lacked access, and if she did have access, she wouldn’t have done this.”

On another thread, Pao countered that she was an engineer and graduated from Princeton with an bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. She also said the only difference between her and Huffman is that he is an engineer turned CEO, while she is an engineer turned lawyer turned CEO.

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