Drunk Man Arrested After Knocking Down 300 Pound Crime Fighting Droid

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By Heat Street Staff | 8:09 am, April 26, 2017
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Police arrested a drunk man after he allegedly knocked over a 300-pound security robot designed to prevent crime.

According to ABC7News, Jason Sylvain, 41, tipped over the droid while it was patrolling a parking lot in Mountain View, California.

It is unclear what motivated the man to pick a fight with the 5-foot tall robot.

The security robot, Knightscope K5, was built to report abnormal noises and criminal activity to authorities.

Equipped with several high-resolution video cameras and a facial recognition software It is already widely used to patrol Uber parking lots around California.

The droid suffered some minor scratches from the fall but luckily survived and is already back on patrol. Sylvain, meanwhile, faces prowling and public intoxication charges.

The incident sparked comical responses from local residents. One of them, told ABC7 he thought the drunk man “spineless” and “pathetic” for picking a target “who doesn’t even have any arms.”

If the name Knightscope K5 sounds familiar to you, it’s because the robot made headlines last summer for running over a toddler’s foot in a Stanford shopping center to the horror of his parents and bystanders.

According to the mall security, this was the second the robot trampled over a kid’s foot.

If rogue, gliding robots seem to get loose and run over people pretty often.

But the Mountain View scuffle seem to be the first case of a human deliberately antagonizing a security robot.