Did Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey Support Trump to Drive Liberals Into Virtual Reality for 4 Years?

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By William Hicks | 4:33 pm, November 11, 2016

Oculus founder Palmer Luckey received an unprecedented amount of flak after it was revealed he supported a PAC founded to create pro-Trump, anti-Hillary meme ads. While the endeavor was sort of a failure — as members of the Donald Trump subreddit refused to be Luckey’s personal meme factory — his intentions still stand.

So why was Luckey really supporting Trump? An unperceptive mind would come to the conclusion that Luckey simply liked Trump for his policies or at least hated Hillary enough to wish to see her lose.

But that kind of tired thinking is exactly why America doesn’t win anymore and a large wall must be built on our southern border.

The real reason Luckey supported Trump was to exponentially boost sales of his Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. The nation is chock-full of dejected liberals looking for new forms of escapism, and what offers that better than virtual reality?

Oculus and other developers won’t even have to try hard to create quality games for the left wing masses. No dragons or zombies required, but simply a simulator called “Life w/o Trump.” You would just sit around folding laundry, mowing the lawn or filing taxes while in the background faintly on the radio you would hear banal news from a boring and uneventful Hillary Clinton presidency.

“Today Hillary met with foreign leaders and decided to make modest, empty gestures on climate change.”

“President Clinton announced today the country’s immigration policy is good enough and she’ll just leave it as is.”

“The economy didn’t really do anything that good or that bad after four years under a Clinton administration.”

It would be music to their ears.

While Facebook stock has taken a hit since election results, it’ll undoubtedly bounce back once liberals realize the only reprieve from their nightmare is a $599 Oculus rift. And I’m sure Trump would be happy to subsidize that as patronage for Luckey’s loyal service.

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