Cultural Marxists Want to Take Away Your Anime ‘Traps’

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By William Hicks | 6:34 pm, May 22, 2017
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It will be a sad day for this country when one man can’t look at the smooth, androgynous, Japanese animated body of another man without it being gay because it’s just a “trap.”

But that day is just on the horizon.

For context, a “trap” in anime and manga is usually an extremely feminine male, who sometimes dresses as a woman with enough feminine features and kawaii charm to confuse even the most devoutly heterosexual man.

A cabal of cultural marxists, 3rd wave feminists and post modern progressives want to end the term traps in anime and manga. The term originated on 4chan, stemming from Admiral Akbar’s line “It’s a trap” from Star Wars Episode VI, implying traps are meant to lure unsuspecting men.


The proliferation of traps onto degenerate message boards like 4chan and 8chan, prompted a robust dialetic over whether or not liking traps made you gay. “Are Traps Gay?” became a common meme, prompting various thought leaders like Milo Yiannopoulos and Malik Obama to attempt to answer the deeply existential question.

Fast forward to 2017 and the discourse has taken a darker turn. With the gayness of traps still unresolved, feminists are attempting to abolish the term altogether because they consider it a slur.

A shitstorm erupted when Juné Manga, an online retailer specializing in Yaoi (boy love) manga, announced they would be offering “trap manga” as well. The blog Anime Feminist and various other social justice-types piled on to Juné, shaming them for using “offensive” and “defamatory” language.

Juné eventually apologized for their transgression. Get it?

Anime Feminist even wrote a breathless article about the incident, tying the term “trap” to the literal murder of trans people. Yikes!

“In some states it is basically legal to kill trans women because of this ‘trap’ logic,” Alexis Sergio wrote for AF. “Called the ‘trans panic defense,’ defendants will argue that the trans woman “tricked” the man and therefore ‘deserved’ to be murdered. In fact, it wasn’t until very recently that the first conviction of an anti-trans hate crime even happened.”

This statement that trans murder is “basically legal” due to traps is insane. The “trans panic defense” is certainly outdated and cruel, but typically fails in court or at best nominally reduces the charges like from first-degree murder to second degree.

And what the fuck does this have to do with trans girls and androgynous boy anime characters?

One Twitter social justice warrior called traps offensive for catering to cisgender heterosexual males for the purpose of self gratification.

Is it really such a crime for heterosexual men to like traps? And to some in the “traps are gay” camp, men who like traps aren’t straight at all.

Traps are “problematic” to the left for reasons other than the name. They are essentially gender queer people who express feminine qualities without getting wrapped up in such ideas as “preferred pronouns” and societal justice. If you look into popular social justice warrior writing, like that in Bioware gamestrans people can’t simply exist within a narrative without being explained or politicized.

In anime and manga, traps just want to be.

Can’t we all just calm down and let traps be traps?

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