Creepy YouTuber Onision Will Stop Making Creepy Videos, Following Heat Street Reporting

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By William Hicks | 12:05 pm, December 22, 2016
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YouTube creep Onision announced he will no longer make creepy videos critiquing young girls’ bodies on YouTube.

Earlier this week we reported that the popular YouTuber runs a forum where girls as young as 13 post pictures of themselves in their underwear. Onision then takes these photos and talks about them on his channel, sometimes in an insulting way.

Parents and older siblings were concerned about the young age of these girls, who are at times identifiable.

Onision published a self righteous video last night where he denounces Heat Street’s reporting, but not the facts themselves.

For instance, he did not like the fact that we mentioned some of his girlfriends he dated while he was in his late twenties were as young as 17  without mentioning the fact he also had ex girlfriends much older. Ummm… Our bad?

He also implied our story was sexist because we didn’t ascribe “agency” to the 13-year-olds choosing  to post pictures in their underwear on his forum. We at Heat Street do trust parents with the “agency” to add Onision’s forum to their parental control block list.

Onision also claims that when he describes girls’ bodies with invective like calling them “Shrek body” he is just being brutally honest.

Well, we’re also being brutally honest when we call Onision a creep.

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