Creepy YouTuber Onision Responds to Our Story About His Gallery of Young Teen Girls in Their Underwear

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By William Hicks | 5:48 pm, December 21, 2016
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Yesterday, Heat Street published an article about the popular YouTuber Onision, who runs a forum where girls as young as 13 post pictures of themselves in their underwear. He includes these photos in his videos, where he critiques their weight and body shape, telling some girls that they have a “Shrek body.” One girl on the forum complained to Onision that her 13-year-old sister was featured in one of his videos in her underwear, and asked him to edit her out, which he still has not done.

We tried to interview the 31-year-old Onision as we were reporting the piece, to ask him about the young ages of some of the girls on his forum, but he didn’t respond to our request.

Today, he finally responded, not with an interview but a couple of tweets.

Onision appears to be arguing that because the young teenage girls ask him for his opinion on their scantily clad bodies, he’s not doing anything wrong with his forum and body-image videos.

The response to Onision’s tweets today was mixed, with fans coming to his defense while others strongly denouncing his behavior.

Also today, he was furiously retweeting girls who over the years have claimed he and his videos have helped them with their “body image.”

Last night, Onision’s forum crashed after our story came out, and was down for several hours. Today, he bragged about hitting 30,000 members on the forum.